?Co-workers Watchman Neeand Witness Leetaught that the management and teaching of a local church by its elders and deacons is of strategic importance to God, for it is through the local church as the practical expression of the Body of Christ that God’s plan and purpose are fulfilled. Because the rich ministry of brothers Watchman Nee and Witness Lee has as its goal the building up of the Body of Christ, these two Christian teachers of the last century had much to say regarding the practical matters of administration and teaching in the local church. Watchman Nee's and Witness Lee's presentations of the topic delve thoroughly into the Scriptures to unveil the offices, persons, and functions of the elders and deacons in their priestly and Levitical service.

Local church elders must maintain a vital relationship with the Lord. Based on this vitality, the Lord can bring about the one-accord which is absolutely essential to the proper coordination among those leading the local churches. Such a sweet coordination produces enormous impact in carrying out God's purpose in that locality. Moreover, as an issue of his vital relationship with the Lord, an elder in a local church must also seek to contact and shepherd those entrusted to his care. Under the direction of the elders, the deacons serve the church in a multitude of practical affairs. All the saints, brothers and sisters alike, can and should participate in the normal, practical expression of brotherly love by functioning in principle as deacons or deaconesses.

The ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee further emphasizes that a chief responsibility of the elders, as God's deputy authority in a local church, is to keep the church in their locality on course toward God's goal by continuing steadfastly with the believers in the teaching and the fellowship of the apostles, which concerns God’s New Testament economy. This teaching is uniquely centered on the person and work of Christ. Watchman Nee and Witness Lee maintained that the clear teaching and focus in the local church on the essential items of the faith will save the believers from the snare of division. This website will present a number of relevant excerpts from the writings of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee on the proper, scriptural management and teaching within the local church.

Administration and Teaching in the Local Church

A. Local Church Administration

1. Elders

2. Deacons

B. Teaching Emphasized in the Local Churches











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